The Fruit & Vegetable prices at Mbare Musika Today are as follows:- Potatoes: 10kg From $5.00- Potatoes: 15Kg From $7.50- Butternut Pocket From $8.00- Butternut: 50kg From $35.00- Onions: Pocket From $6.00- Oranges From $3.50- Apples Import (box) From $7.00 (Small) $11.00 (Big)- Sugar Beans (20kg bucket) From $24.00- Groundnuts (20Kg Bucket) From $22.00- Nyimo (20Kg Bucket) From $18.00- Carrots- Big Bunch From $1.00- Vegetables- Rape/Covo/Tsunga Big Bunch From $1.50- Green Beans From $4.00- Cabbage Heads From $1 for 10 (small) or $1.00 for 2 (big)- Green peppers (Batch of 8) From $1.


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