24hr Contact Center

Providing 24 Hour Support

Available 24/7 including on public holidays, the Powertel Contact Support Centre is an entity that provides all-round customer service including passive and active, incoming and outgoing calls, service and tele-sales, voice and data enqueries, VPN, internet bandwidth and Powerplus prepaid electricity enquiries.

Creating Virtual Contact Centres…

Powertel has a state of the art next generation contact center system (NGCC). With the powerful virtual call center function, the NGCC supports centralized construction and management of call center systems. The powerful NGCC entity can be divided into multiple logically independent call centers, each logical call center owning dedicated access capability, platform resources, and agent resources. The perfect sophisticated routing and queuing function implements unified routing and hierarchical service.

Powertel offers its customers a great experience – every time – across a variety of channels wherever, and whenever. Our customers now have multi-channel access to our organization. Through using intelligent contact routing technology, we can match our customers directly to the employees best suited to handle their inquiry which has improved both customer experience and staff satisfaction

Client Services Support
Email: powercallcentre@powertel.co.zw
24 hour numbers: 08611 208 222-6; 0714000026/28

WhatsApp: 0717205183

Main Reception: 08611370001-16