Payment options



Powertel airtime is available at all Powersales, OK & Bon Marche shops nationwide, and 24/7 through mobile money platforms- Ecocash & the Paynow online topup facility, which offers the advantage of additional payment methods.


Step 1: Totopup_ogp up your Powertel line now through Paynow by clicking here.
Step 2: Confirm the number of units you require per denomination (ranging from $1, $5, $10, $20) and total purchase price e.g $1 x 1 units
Step 3: Confirm the Voucher purchase NB** it is mandatory that you enter your email address for receipt purposes.
If you require the voucher pin to be sent to you via SMS, check the box for ‘Send Voucher by SMS’ Then, Enter Mobile Number

For Companies requiring a Tax Invoice,

Check the box- ‘Fiscal Tax Invoice’

Step 4: Choose the Payment Method e.g Ecocash, Telecash, VISA, Mastercard etc
Step 5: Confirm payment method and transaction details
Step 6: Make Payment as per method indicated
Step 7: Confirmation of Successful Transaction Summary & Voucher Details (only issued once payment is made and received)


Shortcode: *151*2*1*94485*Amount*Account Number/ 08611 xxx xxx*2#

Powertel airtime is available via Ecocash 24/7 and for whatever denomination. Kindly note the airtime credits your account instantly, however airtime is not converted to data packages. Please login on the Client Login to convert to any data package of your choice.

  • Dial *151*200# to access the EcoCash menu
  • Enter your EcoCash PIN
  • Select pay bill optionecocash1
  • Enter the Biller Code 94485
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter your PowerTel account No e.g 437823 or Mobile Number e.g 08611XXXXXX or just 8611XXXXXX
  • Select option 1 to confirm the transaction
  • You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction