Contact Support Center

Powertel has a fully functional contact support centre dedicated to the needs of our customers. Customers are welcome to enjoy the service of our friendly and professional staff within the contact centre during working hours (0800hrs-1600hrs) from Monday to Sunday including on public holidays.

The Powertel Contact Support Centre is the first port of call for customer’s enquiries, faults reporting, complaints and service queries. Calls to the Powertel Contact Centre are promptly taken or answered by well trained contact centre agents at all times. They will readily troubleshoot as well as provide feedback on the solutions to customer enquiries relating to technical support, customer accounts, network status and other general enquires.


Marketing Manager

Customer Services Manager

Account Executives

Contact Centre Supervisor

Contact Support Agent (First port of call)

Service Level Agreement

Powertel has developed a standard service level agreement for use with its customers who are predominantly in the ICT sector. The company has complied with SLA issues such as obligations of the parties, commercial issues, and quality of service, maintenance and fault handling procedures.

Emergency Response Procedures

Powertel has a Customer Care Centre where customer queries and faults are logged and immediately referred to the technical personnel. There will always be a technical person on a twenty-four hour shift to attend to faults and emergencies after hours.