PowerConnect Univoice

Simplify your life with PowerConnect UniVoice, the new versatile mobile application that allows you to connect globally and locally with Powertel Communications’ 08611 voice network!

The term Univoice is derived from Universal Voice resembling a service beyond borders.

PowerConnect Univoice gives you the freedom to connect on the go with Zimbabwe’s 08611 voice network using any Android or iOS or even a Windows device as long as it has internet access. It is a free SIP / IAX softphone application allowing for VoIP calls over 3G/4G/ Wi-fi networks across the globe. With this new application, everyone across the globe can get connected and make voice calls on 08611 enjoying the same voice tariff rates without as much as having to change handset.

PowerConnect Univoice App Benefits:-

  • Simless & Borderless… whether you are in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia, UK, America .. all of Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and so on, you can get connected to 08611 on the go and call your loved ones and/or business associates at unbelievably low tariffs
  • No need to change your handset/ device or number… even with a GSM handset, iPhone and Windows device, you can now get connected to 08611 for Free!
  • Multiple devices connection- you can download the app on multiple devices (phone, desktop/laptop or tablet and utilize the same number interchangeably between the devices
  • Amazingly Affordable…
  • Enjoy local tariffs for on-net and off-net calls for calls made regionally and internationally!
  • Wide access to airtime topup platforms that include e-topup, mobile money and online topup platforms some that utilize VISA and MasterCard services.
  • High quality, low latency
  • Supports 3g, 4g, wi-fi
  • Lowest battery usage

 Now Available! – Download the PowerConnect App available on Android (Google Play), iOS (I-Tunes), macOS and Windows!

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