Powertel Vehicle Tracking.. one of the best IoT solutions for Zimbabwe!

PowerTrack is a state-of-the-art communication solution for vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions under the broad product category of Internet of Things (IOT). Unlike the usual car tracking system, Powertel’s PowerTrack system offers the full fleet management package ideal for use by administration managers with a large pool of vehicles to monitor in their organisations.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is a comprehensive, vehicle, driver and goods monitoring, control and management. It’s an effective low cost operation for fleet and logistic operators, corporate organizations and agencies, Government agencies and transport companies.

Capabilities of PowerTrack

Powertrack comes with some of the following capabilities:-

  • Real-time GPS location, fuel monitoring and driver behavior monitoring
  • Real-time alerts via SMS and email platforms
  • Geo-fencing- notifications on entrance and exit
  • Interactive Communication
  • Accident reports
  • Over speeding perpetual notification
  • Analysis of fleet KPI’s via a visual dashboard
  • Roaming and Panic button

In addition, in the case of buffering in areas of low connectivity, the system offers a Flash Storage as a back-up plan. The PowerTrack Fleet Management solution provides visibility of your vehicles anywhere in Zimbabwe and beyond the border into the region.  It is a must-have solution as it offers any business a plethora of benefits.

PowerTrack User/ Business Benefits

These include: –

  • Reduced operating cost through real-time monitoring, fuel management and driver behavior monitoring, geo-fencing etc
  • Reduced risk of vehicle abuse and loss/ theft
  • Increased productivity

The added assurance is that when you subscribe to Powertrack, you will have not only reliable and efficient services, but aftersales support 24/7.’  The service comes with a web domain- powertrack.powertel.co.zw that one can access even without internet connection and subscribers to the service can download the Powertrack mobile application available for Android and also on Appstore.

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