PowerConnect Voice

Voice over internet Protocol(VOIP)

Talk, Chat & Surf with 08611…

Powertel’s telephony service (08611 network) delivers voice services and related value added services through internet protocol technology and Next-generation-networks (NGN). NGN is a convergent technology, combining wireline (PSTN) wireless(GSM, CDMA and 3G) and packet data networks for integrated voice, data and multimedia services. Less initial expenditure and low recurrent expenditure will translate into low prices to our valued customers.

Bundled together with voice services are other value added services such as video telephone and MMS. This product is ideal for small enterprises and large enterprises, government, home- family and friends.


Apart from calling for almost next to nothing users on 08611 enjoy clear voice clarity and the added benefit that there is no network congestion on the network.

Who can use PowerConnect Voice?

Family to Family

Business to Family

Business to Business

Friends to Friends

Business to Friends

Devices used with this product can either be fixed or mobile, however, they have to be compatible with CDMA technology which differs significantly from the commonly used GSM technology offered by most telecommunications operators.